i am never
as many seem to be
inclined to place humans outside the natural world
nature's random convergence of physical elements begs us to posit an architect
and in so doing we insinuate meaning into
the complex processes of our world

setting meaning and the architect aside
we behold beauty in the random concretions of the natural world
and this beauty
if ostensibly devoid of meaning
yet retains a value in our minds
a value that is potent
a value that begets art

yet we are the architects
of our lives and our art
on the flimsy foundations of free will
we choose
as we are able
the adventures and mementos of our lives' endeavors

my work ventures to coax 
of the computer
into an aesthetic phenomenon

as architect i
inject my art with subjective constraints
algorithms for
form color composition
but only in the utility of human value

within those constraints i allow the computer to
dance it's random dance
my subjectivity chooses from the vast permutations
my art to share
eversearching for
meaningless randomness
of beauty