the meaningless randomness of beauty

i am neveras many seem to beinclined to place humans outside the natural worldnature's random convergence of physical elements begs us to posit an architectand in so doing we insinuate meaning intothe complex processes of our world
setting meaning and the architect asidewe behold beauty in the random concretions of the natural worldand this beautyif ostensibly devoid of meaningyet retains a value in our mindsa value that is potenta value that begets art
yet we are the architectsof our lives and our arton the flimsy foundations of free willwe chooseas we are ablethe adventures and mementos of our lives' endeavors
my work ventures to coax thelifelessrectangularpixelsof the computerinto an aesthetic phenomenon
as architect iinject my art with subjective constraintsalgorithms forform color compositionbut only in the utility of human value
within those constraints i allow the computer todance it's random dancemy subjectivity chooses from the vast permutationsmy art to shareeversearching forthemeaningless randomnessof beauty