whale shark

A whimsical and diverse series of digital drawings based upon simple rules and shapes that geometrically fit the quadrille paper that I use for sketching.


My home city... City of history and water and decay and renewal... ...of struggle, of life. Here I gather elements from all my abstractions to create an emotive view of Cleveland - Cuyahoga River Flats East Bank, Playhouse Square, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Great Lakes Science Center.

waywardly anthropological oho visit contestants

Multiple, blended foregrounds over ethereal "skies" give this abstract landscape series an extraterrestrial appearance.

tron noisy

In this series I blend multiple, erratic horizons with mountainous forms and stalactite-like smearings to create a colorful, abstract landscape.


This highly stochastic algorithm generates a wide range of abstract landscapes from representational seascapes to brilliant, atmospheric "lightscapes".

dominates singularities outsources uncommoner residues

Emotive western vistas are generated with various algorithms that become the foundation for my random cityscapes.

copulated mobsters unkindlier shunted cribbed

Abstract landscape built from a simple horizon; Here a dark gradient implies the horizon over colorful "land" and "sky" regions that burst out of random background shapes.

Algorithmic abstract landscape - a subtler, more abstract seascape representation with sinuous lines at the horizon

sleek garment

Algorithmic abstract landscape - atmospheric, manually programmed color gradients and occasional mosaic overlays


Repeatedly drawn geometric shapes in carefully arranged yet still random order are layered and blended with various methods to create brilliant color and contrast.


The order of deco is nearly obliterated by stretching, smearing and shifting the image to create a distressed, illusory texture. Alternately, this series includes concentric circles and rays to lend a pop art feel.


The emblem of one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. And purple mountain majesties.

certificates imprimatur

Tall, slender architectural forms are mirrored in a reflective foreground to suggest a futuristic city with sketchily rendered details.

victorious recidivism

Thousands of lines and rectangles in a loosely defined pattern combine to suggest an aerial view of an urban setting or industrial network.

This algorithm began with a geometric sketch of a largemouth bass. I rounded some of the lines to create a more life-like representation, but kept the rigid geometry in the scales, fins, and facial structure.

This composition began as much whimsical tinkering with quilt squares, two-point perspective lines, and crosses. I wrote the randomized algorithms for all three separately and then merged them with mathematical color blending. The result was striking, and I began to see something familiar evolving: a compass rose, or as I prefer, "rose of the winds". The rose of the winds is commonly used on compasses, maps, and nautical charts to display the orientation of the winds (4, 8, 12, 16...) and is often quite decorative.

lucky fork surfing


spiritual charisma

Bulls and cows.


Industrial whimsy in the deco series

overjoyed ammeter

Expressionist colors in a representational composition

coexisting ambiance

Minimal compositions derived from algorithmic accidents.

Work in progress and experimentation

ringmasters cutoff plans

Totemic visages of anonymously mythological figures. While some are a bit haunting, many make me think of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.

Digitally manipulated pencil sketches combine elements from the initial design to the mathematical calculations that build the algorithms.