abstract rectangularized gradient

unyielding march
decentralized tapestry confidence
parenthetical frivolity
artistically chive
dab unblocked
sleek garment
malformation ptarmigan reciprocating

algorithmic abstract landscape

atmospheric abstract landscape with manually programmed color gradients and occasional mosaic overlays

In this algorithm I expanded upon the basic abstract landscape concept of my horizon series. The code draws lines every few pixels down the y-axis as it gradually and randomly shifts the color in the neighborhood of a base color.  Often, but randomly, of course, the color is swapped at and below the randomly determined horizon. It then over-draws this abstract landscape several times and blends the colors with each iteration. I often like to merge two algorithms, and with this abstract landscape I often include the seascape and mosaic algorithms as overlays and/or background layers. My abstract seascape series uses similar techniques with a slightly more sinuous algorithm for an abstract landscape